UNSW email

Once you graduate from UNSW, your student email account will expire. You can continue to use the UNSW email service and access your student emails by activating your Alumni Lifelong Email account.

This provides a permanent email address in the form of z1234567@unswalumni.com (or s.surname@unswalumni.com). You can specify what alias you would like to appear in the email address once the account is set-up.

How to activate your UNSW alumni email account

To activate and sign in to your Alumni Lifelong Email account, please follow the instructions on the UNSW IT website.

If you have any queries relating to the UNSW Alumni Lifelong Email service please feel free to contact the UNSW IT Service Desk on +61 2 9385 1333 between 8am-8pm weekdays or 11am-2pm weekends. You can also call the Alumni & External Engagement Office on +61 2 8936 4716 during business hours.