Career Accelerator


What is Career Accelerator?

CA is UNSW’s online mentoring platform that equips alumni and Business School students with skills, experience and connections to industry and UNSW’s global alumni community.

CA allows mentors and mentees to connect online by facilitating one-off ‘flash connections’; allowing participants to tap into UNSW’s global alumni network to share insights, attain tips and expand professional networks in order to get the competitive edge.


Three ways to get involved:

An opportunity for UNSW Alumni to mentor a current UNSW Business School student. An opportunity for peer to peer Alumni mentoring - great for both experienced Alumni who would like to be a mentor and for recently graduated or mid-career alumni who would like to be a mentee. An opportunity for Business School Alumni to mentor Business School Students. This is a traditional 10-week face-to-face mentoring program. Recruitment for this program has closed for 2018.  



Why become an UNSW Career Accelerator Mentor?


    •    Develop the next generation of talent

    •    Share your skills, expertise and industry knowledge

    •    Make a meaningful difference to someone’s career and workplace

    •    Boost your mentoring and coaching skills

    •    Enhance your leadership and communication skills

    •    An opportunity to reflect on your own career and personal aspirations

    •    Expand your own professional networks

    •    Identify future talent for your organisation

    •    Reconnect with the UNSW Community

“The UNSW Career Accelerator, mentoring program, is a great way for UNSW students to access a wide range of resources to help them start their careers. As an alum, this is a great way to 'pay it forward' - my years at UNSW have been one of the primary building blocks for my career success, so it only makes sense that I give back, and help others who are in the same boat as when I first started my career”

Angelina Hendraka, Mentor on Career Accelerator, Alumni Connect and Mentor Connect.
Angelina completed a Bachelor of Engineering / Master of Commerce in Mechanical Engineering / Professional Accounting from UNSW in 2002

“I just wanted to share a quick note about my long-standing mentoring experience since 2012. Mentoring business students is a very rewarding experience because it inspires, empowers and provides students with new skills suited for the workplace. This without doubt is the best platform to enhance your own soft skills and appreciate the success of others”.

Doron Argaman, Mentor on Career Accelerator, Alumni Connect and Mentor Connect.
Doron completed a Master in BT from UNSW Business School in 2003


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Not ready to be a mentor? Need help with your own career journey?

Career Accelerator offers UNSW a peer-to-peer mentoring platform, Alumni Connect.

Sign-up to have your own career conversations with alumni who have been in the industry for a number of years; you can share advice on industry trends, tips on taking the next steps in your career and how to set your career goals, navigate the workforce and broaden your professional networks.