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Your donation will go towards the Uluu Dialogue to continue its community, legal, and advocacy work. 


The Uluu Dialogue at the UNSW Indigenous Law Centre (ILC) will continue its work toward recognition and education on the Uluu Statement from the Heart.  


Following the referendum our projects include a national civics education module, Uluu Statement education, community engagement with six million Yes voters, a listening tour of First Nations communities, a new podcast will be launched on the Uluu dialogues and the post-referendum environment, a documentary, webinars on "where to from here for recognition and reconciliation".  


We are publishing books to analyse the referendum, lessons for future referendums, and the road ahead. 


The Uluu Youth Dialogue will continue its work led by Allira Davis and Bridget Cama for 2024 as it galvanises the massive YES vote from Australia's Youth.

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