With UNSW Sydney, learning doesn’t stop at graduation.

Learn@Lunch is a fast, easy-to-digest, one-hour session that offers alumni the exclusive opportunity to foster lifelong learning.

Whether it’s new discoveries in neuroscience, innovative methods for managing bushfires, or the next generation of artificial intelligence, the series features a wide breadth of significant research insights sure to feed your mind. 

2019 Program

Tue 5 Mar       Professor Mari Velonaki   
                       Designing Social Robots

Wed 10 Apr    Associate Professor Hank Haeusler      Registrations now open! 
                        Artificial Intelligence

Wed 8 May     Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty

Wed 12 Jun    Professor Pasi Sahlberg
                        Gonski Institute

Thurs 18 Jul   Professor Louise Chappell
                        The Australian Human Rights Institute

Wed 14 Aug    Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla
                        Sustainable Materials

Wed 11 Sep    Professor Carole Comerton-Forde
                        Modern Securities Markets

Wed 9 Oct      Professor Travis Waller
                       Transport Innovation

Wed 13 Nov   Associate Professor Jason Sharples

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Next Learn@Lunch Event

Architecture in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are currently dominating discussions around the future of work in Australia, with many professions now embracing these technologies. While the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry sees value in the efficiencies that AI promises, innovation in this space is still in its infancy.

In our next Learn@Lunch lecture, Associate Professor M Hank Haeusler will discuss how his work in Computational Design with UNSW Built Environment is helping to propel Architecture and Urban Design into a new era of progress by driving new knowledge and software for living (and building) with 21st century technologies.

In his presentation, Associate Professor Haeusler will also unpack key industry challenges, and offer a glimpse at UNSW platforms that will change the way Architecture and Urban Design is produced and documented. This includes the ‘Centaur Pod’ - the world’s largest soft robotics kinetic structure - and ‘Giraffe’, a two-sided network platform for the AEC industry that gives non-computational designers access to computational tools.

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