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Learn@Lunch is a fast, easy-to-digest, one-hour session that offers alumni the exclusive opportunity to foster lifelong learning.

Whether it’s new discoveries in neuroscience, innovative methods for managing bushfires, or the next generation of artificial intelligence, the series features a wide breadth of significant research insights sure to feed your mind. 

2019 Program

Wed 10 Apr    Associate Professor Hank Haeusler
                        Artificial Intelligence

Wed 8 May     Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty          

Wed 12 Jun    Professor Pasi Sahlberg
                      Gonski Institute

Thurs 18 Jul   Professor Louise Chappell                        
                        The Australian Human Rights Institute

Wed 14 Aug    Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla                   
                        Sustainable Materials

Wed 11 Sep    Professor Carole Comerton-Forde                        
                        Modern Securities Markets

Wed 9 Oct      Professor Travis Waller                              Registrations now open!
                       Transport Innovation

Wed 13 Nov   Associate Professor Jason Sharples

Wed 4 Dec     Professor Mari Velonaki   
                       Designing Social Robots

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Next Learn@Lunch Event

Transport Data Paradox: Should commuters exit the driver's seat?

Advances in transport technologies mean accessing real-time traffic data around congestion, cost and safety is easier than ever before.

With this wealth of information at your fingertips, you know to avoid that blocked road, to get the cheaper and faster ferry, or to jump in a cab instead of facing track delays. The only problem is - now millions of others know that too. Will this really save us?

Future mobility has captured the imaginations of academics and commuters alike for exciting concepts like autonomous vehicles and transport innovation. However, not enough attention is given to the equally disruptive yet growing availability of information, and its effects on commuter behaviour.

In our next Learn@Lunch session, Advisian Chair of Transport Innovation, Professor S. Travis Waller will explore how real-time travel data has become a paradox of modern mobility, potentially exacerbating issues rather than allowing us to bypass them.


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