With UNSW Sydney, learning doesn’t stop at graduation.

Learn@Lunch is a fast, easy-to-digest, one-hour session that offer alumni the exclusive opportunity to foster lifelong learning.

Whether it is new applications for stem cell research and artificial intelligence, or challenging ideas around refugee policy or behavioural economics, the series features a wide breadth of significant research insights sure to feed your mind.


Time:               12:30 – 1:30pm

Venue:             The Barnet Long Room

                         Customs House

Level 1, 31 Alfred Street,

Circular Quay

Cost:                Free. Registrations essential and will be open monthly


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Next Learn@Lunch Event

12 September | Associate Professor John McGhee | Take a VR trip inside your body

Imagine you’re walking inside a human artery. To your right is a sharp drop into sticky red substance, while to your left is a living, breathing wall. You dodge fast-moving blood cells as well as ominous black cancer cells twice your size, and wriggle your way through mucus-like tumours. Gross? Maybe. Fascinating? You bet.

Today, this kind of cellular-level exploration has become a possibility – well, sort of. While science fiction writers have long theorised the exploration of the human body by use of a shrink ray, all we actually needed was virtual reality.

At our next Learn@Lunch event, Associate Professor John McGhee will discuss his fascinating work at UNSW’s 3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab, which has led him to be named one of UNSW’s 21 ‘Rising Stars’. Through visual examples, he will demonstrate how he animates the body’s complex inner landscapes, and share how his research into the artistic visualisation of scientific and biomedical data can help increase our understanding of human disease.


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