Alumni Mentoring

The University offers two fabulous mentoring programs to UNSW alumni. As a mentor you have the opportunity to share your career journey, support fellow alumni as well as have real impact on future alumni.

1. Alumni Connect

Do you have a question about your next career move? Are you looking to change industries? Would you like to broaden your professional networks? Or have you recently relocated and need help with learning the local culture and building your local networks? A fellow alum could help. Alumni Connect is a great way for you to connect with UNSW Alumni and tap into a network of 300,000 strong Alumni Community.

What is Alumni Connect?

Alumni Connect is an online platform connecting UNSW alumni both locally and globally, providing them with an opportunity to network and have career related conversations. It is designed for busy professionals, allowing you to have one-off conversations with experienced and well-established alumni, many of whom are industry experts, looking to share their knowledge and experiences with alumni. The best part of the program is its flexibility, you can seek or give advice to a fellow alum at your convenience, either in person over coffee or over the phone.

How does it work?

1. Sign up here. You can sign up as a mentor, a mentee or both.   

2. Submit your application and wait for your alumni status to be confirmed (usually 24hrs)

3. Complete your profile and set up your availabilities.

4. Search for alumni (based on your profile the system will also give you 3 top picks of fellow alum who you could connect with)

5. Request a meeting

6. Connect

Read more about the program here.

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2. Mentor Connect

Mentor Connect is a program under the Business School’s Career Accelerator program offering Business School students with the opportunity to be mentored by UNSW Alumni. The program is designed for busy professionals, giving alumni a flexible way to give advice and support to students that’ll make a huge difference in their professional lives. You could connect from anywhere in the world and meet with students in a format and timeframe that suit you. Mentor Connect is a great way to help students transition smoothly into the workforce, setting them up for a lifetime of success. You can read more about Mentor Connect here.

How does it work?

1. Sign up here

2. Submit your application and wait for your alumni status to be confirmed (usually 24hrs)  

3. Complete your profile and set up your availabilities

4. A student will send you a meeting request

5. Connect

While we encourage you to accept all meetings from students, you do have the choice to accept or decline meeting requests.

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Why become a Mentor?


    •    Develop the next generation of talent

    •    Share your skills, expertise and industry knowledge

    •    Make a meaningful difference to someone’s career and workplace

    •    Boost your mentoring and coaching skills

    •    Enhance your leadership and communication skills

    •    An opportunity to reflect on your own career and personal aspirations

    •    Expand your own professional networks

    •    Identify future talent for your organisation

    •    Reconnect with the UNSW Community

“The UNSW Career Accelerator, mentoring program, is a great way for UNSW students to access a wide range of resources to help them start their careers. As an alum, this is a great way to 'pay it forward' - my years at UNSW have been one of the primary building blocks for my career success, so it only makes sense that I give back, and help others who are in the same boat as when I first started my career”

Angelina Hendraka, Mentor on Career Accelerator, Alumni Connect and Mentor Connect.
Angelina completed a Bachelor of Engineering / Master of Commerce in Mechanical Engineering / Professional Accounting from UNSW in 2002

“I just wanted to share a quick note about my long-standing mentoring experience since 2012. Mentoring business students is a very rewarding experience because it inspires, empowers and provides students with new skills suited for the workplace. This without doubt is the best platform to enhance your own soft skills and appreciate the success of others”.

Doron Argaman, Mentor on Career Accelerator, Alumni Connect and Mentor Connect.
Doron completed a Master in BT from UNSW Business School in 2003