Ke Sun has been a prominent voice in improving teaching assessment processesenhancing student wellbeing, and advocating for students at local, state and national levels. 

As a fifth-year medical student, Ke strongly believes in building student communities, creating an impact through innovation and being an inspirational role model for those around him.  

Ke is the immediate past President of the UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc), and during his presidency he led the establishment of a joint student-staff committee (Student Wellbeing Action Group [SWAG]). He also undertook significant organisational restructuring, including the introduction of queer officers, and contributed to a new carbon-offsetting policy. 

Ke is also passionate about medical education and student mentorship, having spent countless hours as a casual tutor, peer mentor and teacher. His tireless service to the community extends outside medicine, having led a team to assist with a redevelopment project in Sri Lanka. Outside of university, he is also an advanced responder with St John Ambulance.  

Notably, Ke was awarded the Bachelor of Medical Studies Graduate Prize in recognition of his exceptional academic achievement and he recently completed his research with first class honoursKe is known for his sunny personality which has been key in earning his peers’ admiration and respect. During his leisure time, Ke enjoys playing the violin and travelling the world.