Khaled Sabsabi is a leading visual artist, whose works inspires harmony and reconciliation, while working to support disadvantaged or marginalised communities. 

Khaled was born in Tripoli, Lebanon and migrated with his family to Australia in 1978. He began his creative life in the ’80s as a socially-engaged hip hop artist, then evolving in the early 2000s to develop and produce countless art presentations, locally and internationally. 

Khaled sees art as an effective tool to communicate and converse with people, through a familiar language, creating immersive and engaging experiences. He has worked in detention centres, schools, prisons, refugee camps, settlements, hospitals, youth centres, galleries and public spaces in the Australian and broader international context. He makes work that questions rationales and complexities of nationhood, identity and change, with continual transfer between the material and the philosophical. 

In 2002, Khaled travelled back to Lebanon and the surrounding region - a significant moment in Khaled’s career, as it forced him to question, rethink and redefine his practice. Today, as a multi-award winning artist with regular exhibitions, Khaled specialises in mixed media and site-specific installation presentations, and continues to extend his practice, producing to date 64 major works that vary in form, content and style.